Call for a Consultant: External Evaluation of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement 


Position Title: External Evaluator of the SWPM 

Training Date: May 2022 – September 2022

Duration: (15) consultant days to be delivered over Five (5) Months

Deadline: May 8th 2022 


In order to ensure an active, meaningful and constructive presence in the political process , the Syrian Women’s Political Movement was founded by a group of women politicians and political activists in the Fall of 2017.

The movement is committed to its mission in conveying the priorities of the Syrian People, by demanding the increase of women participation in political foras and seeking to achieve a democratic pluralistic Syria.

In the past five years, the Movement has challenged the male-dominated top-down approach currently in place and fearlessly pursued a political solution with fair representation of women within a gender-sensitive and inclusive negotiation process and political transition.

The Movement has found great success in its early years quickly establishing a wide base inside Syria and reaching high levels of influence in work with key nation-states and international institutions. However, the upcoming phase of growth is critical in the sustainability of the Movement and breaking of stereotypes of the Role of Syrian women to ensure their leadership and meaningful participation in the political sphere both inside and outside Syria. 

Thus, at this time, the Movement is seeking an external evaluator to provide an objective assessment of the Movement’s current strategy implementation highlighting its lessons learned and positive impact. It will be critical to contract with a highly qualified Evaluator who has a proven record of experience in evaluating projects, particularly in the Middle East  North Africa region. The External Evaluator will work with the Executive Team to collect, analyse, and disseminate data. The Evaluator will maintain ongoing communication to ensure timely implementation of the evaluation project objectives and progress toward project outcomes.


Assignment Description: 

The objective of the consultancy is to conduct an external evaluation producing one report in two versions : For External and Internal review and interest, of no more than 25 pages each not including Annexes. The consultant will produce a first draft of the reports and be available to conduct edited drafts in alignment with the TOR if necessary. The SWPM expects a quality piece of work to be submitted and so to this end we ask that you be available to make the required edits.

The evaluation will be two-fold, attending to both the IMPACT of the project and the LEARNING embedded throughout the evaluation process itself.

  1. A participatory approach will be taken not just in collecting primary data and developing the methodology but with regards to the actual performance evaluation framework of the movements and its expected outcome. The evaluation process should be as much of a learning process as possible given the timeframe and available resources. The outcomes of the process should be included in the report. The intention with this evaluation is not to fulfil a donor requirement, but to embed any learning and recommendations directly into our work.
  2. It is expected that consultants will focus on impact achieved and to some extent planned and unplanned outcomes, backed up by quantitative and qualitative data. The evaluation should not focus on outputs.
  1. Although success against the initial goal and objectives is important, it is expected that the consultant will look at the wider impact the movement has had, particularly with regards to its agreed indicators. 
  2. It is expected that findings and conclusions made are thoroughly and clearly backed up by evidence in the form of quantitative and qualitative evidence including stories, first person testimonies, anecdotes and/or quotes throughout and that any assumptions are made explicit.
  3. The consultant must have an organised system for storing all raw data from field research and be prepared to consent and share back this in full with the movement 
  4. The consultant must use a combination of desk research of existing monitoring and evaluation information, as well as their own work.



  1. External Evaluation Surveys 
  2. Conducting meetings, phone calls, focus groups  with relevant stakeholders, movement members, partner organisations and executive team members
  3. One comprehensive evaluation document for external review by all Syrians and non Syrian stakeholders and  partner organisations following the impact and track record of the Movement in the past five years. 
  4. One comprehensive evaluation document for internal review by the executive team and Movement members to strategize and increase impact in the next phase of development


Timeline and Payment Schedule: 

The report is expected to be completed within the five months from the starting date. A first payment will be shared halfway through the deliverable development and the final payment will be shared upon completion of the deliverables. The timeline of the full process including data collection and analysis is to be discussed by all stakeholders. Review of drafts is not time specific


Essential Requirements:

  • Knowledge and experience of participatory impact evaluation, measuring changes in attitude, programs, communities.
  • Experience in evaluating similar projects in the MENA region
  • Relevant degree / equivalent experience related to the evaluation to be undertaken;
  • Experience in field data collection and analysis
  • Experience of the WPS agenda
  • Good communications skills, culturally sensitive and experience interviewing,
    conducting surveys, data management and analysis, focus groups.
  • Ability to write clear and concise reports in English 
  • Understanding of Non For Profit transparency processes, governance models and reporting requirements
  • Ability to manage the available time and resources and to work to tight deadlines;
  • Independence from the parties involved.


Intellectual Property Ownership:

The SWPM has the right to retain and reuse all materials used and developed for and during the assignment, including but not limited to printouts, presentations, manuals, audio and visual products, etc. after the end of the project ; the Consultant has the right to request that Consultant’s name be removed. Consultant has No right to reuse materials developed specifically for the SWPM; any materials bearing the SWPM logo, or include names, faces, voices of SWPM members shall not be granted approval to be reused by the Consultant.

Please send your offer stating your understanding of the assignment, record of previous similar work; proposed number of days for the consultancy and expected daily consultant fees before the 8th of May 2022, to: