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Their Messages

Their Moments – Geo location

Their Faces
Their Messages

Their Messages
A video Art in collaboration with (Warsha team, Hakawati) – Material coordination: Muna Kattoub.
Produced for Wave exhibition 2022 – The Syrian Women’s Political Movement

In this interactive work, the movement created a space for exchanging messages between Syrian women of all kinds, wherever and however they are, as a group of members began to write words with their pens. This video art aspires to become a work in progress and a space for participation. The opportunity to continue writing messages will remain open during and after the exhibition on the movement’s website.

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Their Moments - Geo location

Their Moments – Geo location – Video Art – Concept; direction, visual installation by the artist Zoya .

Material coordination: Muna Kattoub.
Produced for Wave 2022 – Syrian Women’s Political Movement.

About the artwork:
This video-art aims at evoking the absent members of the movement in the physical convening space.
In her visual installation created with the digital geo-locator technology entitled: “Their Moments”, the young artist Zoya takes us on a journey during which we meet with members of the movement in their locations in 20 countries around the world. In this video art members shared the geographical location of a moment that changed their lives combined with an intimate melody that is meaningful to them.

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Their Faces

Faces in Montreal

Their Faces – Political Kaleidoscope

Concept, Curator & Voice by Alma

– Video Art – in collaboration with (Warsha Team, Hakawati) –

Materials coordination: Muna Kattoub,

Produced for Wave 2022 – Syrian Women’s Political Movement

‘Wave’ exhibition tour to Montreal – Canada as part of the forum ‘Dance of resistance’
Co-curated by Dena Davida and Valerie Sabbah at Maison de la Culture de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce


Names by appearance on stage

Alma salem
Hoor Malas
Sona Pogassian
Nasim Lootij
Valerie Sabbah
Dena Davida
Muna Kattoub
Claudel Doucet
Valerie Sabbah & Claudel Doucet

“Men have always been the “social face” and the “political face”. This visual installation challenges masculine icons by highlighting the faces of a group of influencers in the Syrian Women’s Political Movement, carrying the pains and hopes in the details of their faces. In this video art we feel the energy of their presence and trace the impression of their faces in Syria’s collective memory – Alma”

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