Call for Applications: Consultant for Policy Briefs


The Syrian Women’s Political Movement (SWPM) comprises of Syrian feminists who are working towards a democratic and pluralistic Syrian state, expressing priorities and demands of the Syrian People and women’s active participation.

The SWPM is conducting focused political consultations with Syrian women from different backgrounds about their views and demands concerning their key priorities and later developed into research papers. Based on that, SWPM and its partner are looking for a consultant to author a policy brief by combining a feminist policy analysis approach with the respective research findings.


In order to relay the valuable insights into Syrian women’s perspectives and demands to the negotiating table and decision-making bodies, the research findings shall be developed into a policy brief. In this policy brief, the research findings of the focus group discussions are analysed through a feminist policy lens. The key positions expressed by Syrian women are sharpened and substantiated by contextualising them against the backdrop of a feminist political analysis of the respective topic on the International level and in the Syrian context. The core demands are extracted and developed into cohesive, concise and practical policy recommendations. The aim is to translate grassroots rhetoric into actionable policy recommendations for national and international decision-makers, rooted in the realities of Syrian women. Building on the added value of voices directly from within Syria, the policy briefs shall forge the way for women to participate in a meaningful and substantive manner within the political process.

 Tasks and Deliverables

1.   The consultant will analyse the field research findings based on the academic research paper (available in Arabic). If necessary, the consultant can discuss the primary qualitative data and review the full protocols of all focus group discussions (available in Arabic). The consultant will then draft the outline and the main points of the policy brief based on a feminist policy analysis of the research findings against the backdrop of the Syrian context. The women’s demands are developed into concrete, practical and communicable recommendations to diverse groups of international and national decision-makers. The consultant will then discuss the outline in an online meeting with the SWPM team to clarify, substantiate and sharpen the analysis and resulting recommendations. The consultant will author a first draft in English and revise it after receiving feedback from the SWPM and its partner.

2.       The paper spans around three to five pages and should cover:

–        Very brief introduction on the relevance of the topic (one paragraph)

–        Short feminist policy analysis of the respective topic and the main positions of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement on it, as informed by the views of Syrian women. (1-2 pages)

–        Recommendations: set(s) of concrete, precise, communicable and pragmatic recommendations on the relevant topic, potentially grouped into its different aspects, or targeted at different decision-makers (1-2 pages)


Mid-June till the end of July.

 Qualifications of Consultant

–        Master’s degree or PhD in Political Science, Gender Studies or a related field

–        Proven background and experience in feminist policy analysis

–        Strong analytical skills, experience in providing policy advice

–        Excellent English writing and communication skills are essential

–        Good facilitation and mediation skills and ability to achieve results while bringing together various actors’ input

–        Strong knowledge of the MENA region with a focus on Syria is an asset

–        Written and spoken Arabic skills are an asset

Application process

Interested candidates who fulfil the above-mentioned criteria are invited to submit their financial and conceptual offer as well as CV and list of publications until 30.05.2021 to:

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.