Final communiqué Syrian Women’s Political Movement Second General Assembly Meeting 2 May till 12 June 2020

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement (SWPM) held its second general assembly meeting virtually due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic from May 2nd until June12th, 2020.

During the meeting, the General Secretariat and the General Assembly Members supported by the Management team reported on the SWPM’s activities since the previous General Assembly meeting. It included a political, feminist, govenance, organizational, financial, and media reports.  In addition a detailed report on the National Consultations with women inside Syria was also presented. The General Secretariat reports also covered the international delegation trips and events where the SWPM policy papers were launched. An update on the local, regional, and international developments was given in addition to the political vision for the upcoming year based on the SWPM principles. The General Secretariat also presented the challenges the SWPM has faced during this period and how they were addressed 

The General Assembly discussed the above-mentioned reports, a set of bylaws amendments and adopted a political vision. A new General Secretariat was elected in accordance with the bylaws. The General Assembly also elected a Monitoring and Transparency Committee.

The SWPM reiterated its commitment to continue working on:

1- Affirming Syria’s independence and the unity of its people and land and resisting any occupation of its territories. The SWPM also demands the exit of all foreign military forces, all sectarian militias and all foreign fighters from Syrian territory.

2- The future of Syria as a state of full citizenship for all its citizens regardless of their gender, ethnicity and religion, a country that respects women’s rights and guarantees them full equality before the law and the constitution. A vision that leads to building an inclusive Syrian national identity bridging all social gaps taking into consideration the current social crisis is a result of years of tyranny that has been deepened by war. SWPM abides by all international conventions on human rights, children’s rights, women’s rights and environmental protection.

3-The SWPM believes in a political solution for Syria in accordance with international resolutions (Geneva communiqué, 2118 Resolution and the 2254 Resolution) and calls for the cessation of all military operations on the entire Syrian territory. SWPM believes that there is no solution but a comprehensive political solution through the formation of a transitional governing body in accordance with the aforementioned resolutions.

4- The SWPM believes that there is no comprehensive political solution and sustainable peace without the participation of women, as mandated by the UN resolution 1325.

  1. The immediate and unconditional release of all detainees as well as revealing the fate of the forcibly disappeared persons are important cornerstones in any safe and neutral environment in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué (2012). SWPM also stresses the need to consider this matter a non-negotiable issue. 
  2. The military operations taking place on Syrian territory funded by regional and international powers have never served the interests of the Syrian people. Rather, they helped deepen social divisions in the country. SWPM stands firmly on the side of civilians in the face of warring military factions.
  3. It is the right of every Syrian person to return safely and voluntarily to their home areas of residence, despite all forms of demographic changes and forced displacement. SWPM believes, therefore, that the process of reconstruction in Syria is not possible without a comprehensive political solution that guarantees the safe and voluntary return of IDPs and refugees and preserves their property rights.
  4. SWPM calls for the re-evaluation of all economic agreements entered by Syrian actors to serve the political agendas of regional and international powers. It also calls for reclaiming national resources, especially oil as well as air and seaports, to make sure they serve the interests of the Syrian people.
  5. SWPM rejects any political solution that has a sectarian basis, as the situation in Lebanon and Iraq has shown the invalidity of such an example and has led to the eruption of the second wave of the Arab Spring. Therefore, SWPM emphasizes that the only solution that serves the interests of the Syrian people is the separation of state and religion, with a state that remains neutral towards all faiths and religions while guarding the freedom of thought, belief, and religious practices for all Syrians.
  6. SWPM stresses that the solution to the Kurdish issue lies in the hands of Syrians themselves, through a comprehensive political solution that includes terminating all exceptional and discriminatory practices against the Kurds, and recognizing their national, linguistic and cultural rights which should be protected by the constitution in a manner that does not undermine the unity of Syria.
  7. SWPM emphasizes its willingness to collaborate with all ٍSyrian national democratic entities with the aim of reviving the Syrian cause as a primarily political issue. A cause that led a nation to revolt against tyranny in March 2011 and has strived to achieve freedom, democracy, and a future where economic prosperity and respectable living can be realized. 
  8. SWPM stresses that no political solution can lead to sustainable peace in Syria without achieving justice and holding to account all perpetrators of crimes against the Syrian people whatever their affiliation may be.