Joint Press Release from the Regional Feminist Alliance: The Feminist Campaign to Stop Genocide in Gaza (FCSGG)


We, the Feminist Campaign to Stop the Genocide in Gaza(WCSGF), a collective of active women’s movements in the region, convene today under a necessary and urgent women’s initiative, compelled by the pressing need to confront the genocide being perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza, ongoing now for the third consecutive month. We express our strong condemnation and full denouncement of this continual aggression and demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. 

This situation represents a historic test for all humanity. Peoples of the world have shown their noble humanitarian stance by standing with the Palestinian people, and we, as women’s movements and organizations, are an integral part of this global humanitarian movement. 

Given our role in fighting for justice and equality, we affirm that the Israeli aggression on Gaza represents a blatant disregard for any and all international laws aimed at protecting human rights and dignity. Israel’s actions are not only tantamount to severe violations of international humanitarian law but also includes war crimes.

According to reports, Israel’s attacks caused the death of over 20,000 people in Gaza Strip, including 8,000 children, 6,200 women, and the wounded 52,000. Over two million people in the Gaza struggle to survive amidst a horrendous humanitarian crisis. Women in Gaza, as in all conflict zones, face multiplied challenges ranging from direct violence to hardships caused by the siege and dire humanitarian conditions. The aggression is part of a broader plan put forth by Israel which seeks to forcibly displace two million people from their homeland. Additionally, according to the United Nations, settler attacks in the West Bank have more than doubled since the start of the war on Gaza, with settlers now targeting Palestinians to kill, a reality that was apparent before the aggression.  

These atrocities are not the  first to be committed by Israel, on the contrary, they are part of a slew of well-documented cumulative crimes endorsed by Israel’s arrogance and international impunity. To name a few, the region has witnessed continuous tensions and conflicts, including ongoing Israeli violations in the Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards in Jerusalem, a political shift towards extreme right-wing in the Israeli government, and the continuous siege on Gaza since 2006. 

A genocide is being carried out against the Palestinian people by a military force that strips its opponents of humanity. In fact, the Israeli defense minister, at the beginning of the aggression, calling for a complete siege of Gaza, referred to the Palestinian people of Gaza as “human animals”. By ignoring the roots of the political conflict, this massacre was sanctioned by the world through the active denial and deprivation of Palestinian’s basic rights.  

We call upon the international community to act immediately to call for a sustainable and permanent ceasefire, and to take decisive measures to stop the genocide perpetrated by Israel. There must be an end to these attacks, including the disproportionate attacks on civilians, direct and indirect attacks on civilian populations, and the destruction of civilian homes and livelihoods.  

We urge Israel to immediately allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilians in the occupied Gaza Strip without obstacles, to lift its illegal 16-year siege on Gaza, and to allow immediate access for the independent international commission of inquiry to investigate the occupied Palestinian territory. 

 We strongly urge all United Nations member states to activate and implement United Nations resolutions related to ending the Israeli occupation and commit to the two-state solution. Achieving this goal is not only necessary to end the cycles of repeated and futile violence but also represents the only way to achieve lasting peace and justice for all parties involved.  

We emphasize the importance of continuing the ongoing investigation by the International Criminal Court into the situation in Palestine, and stress the need for it to receive full support and all necessary resources to conduct a comprehensive and fair investigation. We demand that all parties release all civilians who have been held as hostages or arbitrarily detained. And finally, we also call for the dismantling of the Israeli apartheid system imposed on all Palestinians, the root cause of this conflict. 


We extend our deepest condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones 



Regional Feminist Alliance/ The Feminist Campaign to Stop Genocide in Gaza (FCSGG)

Syrian Women’s Network

Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Libyan Woman Lawyer

Tunisians lawyers’ Association

General Association for Woman Development

Aman Women’s Alliance