Joint Statement: RFA supports the South Africa’s referral of Israel to the ICJ (International Court of Justice) for its genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza

On December 28th, 2023, the International Court of Justice announced that South Africa submitted a request to the Court to initiate proceedings against ‘Israel’. The South African referral submits that the aggression committed by ‘Israel’ against the Palestinian people of Gaza constitutes genocide, in violation of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The referral calls for an investigation of Israel’s responsibility in these violations, accountability measures, and the safeguarding of civilians, both male and female, in Gaza.

The lawsuit submitted by South Africa seeks to restore justice and balance through the international scheme by upholding justice for the Palestinian people, particularly after the UN Security Council failed to reach a decision in calling for a permanent ceasefire after nearly three months of Israeli aggression. We, the Regional Feminist Alliance, believe that this request is not only a legal undertaking, but rather a courageous move that draws new lines of justice and human dignity on the international scene.

We, in the coalition, support the efforts made by South Africa, and call on all countries, international and regional organizations, and members of the international community, to support this request and work together to stop the genocide against the Palestinian people to achieve peace.


Regional Feminist Alliance/ The Feminist Campaign to Stop Genocide in Gaza (FCSGG)

Syrian Women’s Network

Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Libyan Woman Lawyer

Tunisians lawyers’ Association

General Association for Woman Development

Aman Women’s Alliance

11th January 2024