Statement by the Syrian Women`s Political Movement Endorsement and Support for the Decision of the Syrian Negotiations Commission

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement (SWPM) endorses and supports the decision made by the SNC refusing to participate in the conference to be held in Sochi, despite all the pressure practiced upon it, reflecting the pulse of the Syrian constituencies and the calls of Syrian civil and political groups.

With this position, the SNC has reflected the demands of Syrian revolutionary and opposition forces, and expressed the aspirations and hopes of the Syrian people in realizing the demands of their revolution in freedom, dignity and justice, especially after everyone had seen the draft final communique of Sochi conference, which implied legitimizing the continuation of the criminal regime in Syria in power and its rule of the Syrian people with iron and fire.

With its steadfastness before the international pressures, the SNC has proved that it represents the concerns of our Syrian people in all of its spectrum, and it is keen to achieve a radical political transition from  a tyrannical regime to a modern democratic and pluralistic state, and its commitment to Geneva negotiating track and the international resolutions, first and foremost Geneva 1 Communique and UNSCR 2254, which provide for a comprehensive political transition and a constitution to be drafted by Syrians, and elections conducted in a safe and neutral environment that ensures the participation of all citizens in making a free and safe future and sustainable peace.

May our people be steadfast and their just causes emerge victorious

General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

January 28, 2018