The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement in Solidarity with the Sudanese People – A Call to Stop the War and Achieve Peace and Stability


The Syrian Women’s Political Movement strongly condemn the ongoing war in Sudan, and express its solidarity with its  people who are currently suffering from the dire consequences of war and violence. We urge the two parties of the conflict to end hostilities and to find peaceful solutions, focus on the interests of Sudan and the Sudanese people, and avoid the interference of external powers seeking to achieve their own agendas in the region, the  interference of these powers will lead only to detoriorate  the situation.

As Syrians who have experienced the devastating effects of war, we are aware of the suffering and trauma that war can inflict on civilians, especially women and children. Therefore, we call on all parties to take into account the needs and rights of women. We also encourage and support women’s movements in Sudan that fight for women’s rights and dignity.

finally; the SWPM  calls on the international community to support the people of Sudan in their pursuit of peace, justice and stability, and to ensure respect for human rights. We wish peace for Sudan, Syria and all the peoples of the world.


The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Saturday 22 April 2023