The SWPM Press Release on the Launch of the UPR Report on Syria

Within the Syrian Women’s Political Movement’s vision of building a democratic Syria based on the foundations of equal citizenship without any discrimination amongst its citizens, a state that criminalizes all forms of violence against women, and is based on a constitution compatible with a gender perspective; The SWPM prepared the UPR report that focuses on economic violence against Syrian women, which was submitted in November 2021. The report tackles mainly the Syrian regime and challenges its ability to ensure economic security for women in Syria, including conflict areas. The report focuses on the economic situation of women in Syria as well as on internally displaced women and those residing outside the borders facing economic gender-based violence. Our analysis is based on official data as well as data from international and national organizations and on consultation sessions conducted by the Syrian Women’s Political Movement as part of its research and publishing activities.

Five fact sheets with specific key messages and recommendations were prepared, under the following themes:

 1- Sexual exploitation and trafficking of Syrian women

 2- The right to life under threat of food insecurity

 3. Access to housing, land and property as an essential tool for women’s economic emancipation

 4- Gender-based violence related to the status of female detainees

 5- Gender-based economic violence and women’s access to the labour market in Syria

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement was invited to the traditional meeting with the experts of the member states of the European Union, which was held on Monday, December 6, 2021, during which the SWPM’s report and fact sheets were presented.

 In preparation for the UPR session on Syria, which is to be held on January 24, 2022, SWPM held bilateral meetings between the SWPM UPR team and the member states of the United Nations. These meetings were with the following countries: Mexico, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. During these meetings, the SWPM conveyed its key political messages and recommendations according to the objective interests of these countries and their previous participation in the universal periodic review related to Syria and other countries.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement extends its deepest gratefulness and appreciation to all the contributions and contributors to the realization of this report, of individuals and organizations, and extends its gratitude especially to the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom, UPR Info, and all the SWPM’s members and employees who participated in this work.