Messages from SWPM members on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

“We won’t reduce elimination of violence against women to one day; we should be doing that everyday. Let’s recall the crimes Assad regime has committed against women in prisons & elsewhere in Syria, & remember women’s sacrifices.”

“As long as there’s violence against women, humanity & society won’t progress. NO to violence against women, be it individual, domestic, societal, or political. Be positive and take action to fight violence against women.”

“Do it yourself, don’t wait for anyone to offer you anything or do things for you; when you succeed, you’ll be more resistant to attempts of violence or intimidation.”

“During the Revolution, Syrian women rose up against all forms of oppression & demanded freedom; they said ‘we’re strong & capable of defending ourselves, we fight for our principles of freedom & justice, we are the revolution & want freedom for Syria’.”

“Where there is violence against women, there is a flawed society and an impossibility for growth and development.”