A statement by The Syrian Women’s Political Movement on Sochi Conference

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement reaffirms its commitment to the framework of international legitimacy represented in United Nations resolutions, in particular resolution 2254 and Geneva 1 Communique as well as all relevant resolutions.

SWPM believes that the Geneva track is the only impartial track that provides the necessary legitimacy for any political solution that can meet the aspirations of the Syrian people in transitioning from the tyrannical regime to a democratic pluralistic one, based on equal citizenship and ensuring the rights of all Syrian men and women.

Alternative tracks that are being arranged today, under the title of political realism, and the attempts to turn the political process upside down, especially with the conference to be held in Sochi, will only lead to disturbing and distracting international efforts and to the loss of the rights of the Syrian people. A national dialogue cannot be held, a new constitution cannot be drafted and free and fair elections cannot be conducted in the absence of safe and neutral environment which allows all the spectrum of the Syrian people to take part in building the future of their country.

Holding to the international resolutions mean our holding to their contents, including the pursuit of starting a Syrian-led political process to establish credible non-sectarian governance which shall supervise drafting a new constitution and holding free and fair elections to the satisfaction of the governance and to the highest international standards, with the participation of all Syrians. This is the only track that can meet the demands of the Syrian people and can be seen legitimate and credible by Syrians themselves and the entire international community.

We call upon the United Nations to shoulder its responsibilities and push towards a political solution under the umbrella of international legitimacy, firmly face the attempts to drag the international community to accept the de facto policies and get into deals and compromises at the cost of the Syrian people, in negligence of the tragedy and sacrifices of our people and in contradiction with all international treaties and agreements.

We shall remain faithful to the principles of the revolution of dignity, for which our people took to the streets and we shall struggle to build a democratic pluralistic modern state, come what may.

January 26, 2017

General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement