Justice in the Face of Hegemony: Statement of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement in Support of the International Court of Justice Decision


A decision has been made by the International Court of Justice imposing temporary measures on Israel to prevent it from committing genocide in Gaza and directly inciting it, in response to a lawsuit filed by South Africa. The Israeli request to dismiss the lawsuit was rejected, and a significant majority of the court committee members voted in favor of taking these measures. The court affirmed the rights of Palestinian women and men in Gaza to protection from acts of genocide and ordered Israel to take all possible measures to prevent these actions and provide urgent humanitarian needs in the sector.

Although the decision of the International Court of Justice is not binding and lacks enforcement mechanisms, it is considered an important precedent in favor of humanity and justice in the face of hegemony and double standards. Therefore, we, in the Syrian Women’s Political Movement, welcome the decision of the International Court of Justice and affirm our full support for this decision, which represents a significant step towards achieving justice and protecting human rights in the region. We also express our gratitude and appreciation to the state of South Africa for leading this lawsuit before the International Court of Justice and to its legal team, as well as to all the countries that supported this bold move.

As a feminist movement working towards promoting equality and justice, we call on the international community to support and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom and dignity. We demand the necessity of stopping the Israeli aggression on Gaza, resolving the Palestinian issue according to the resolutions of the Security Council calling for peace, justice, and the recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the establishment of their independent state, and achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the region.


Justice for all those who have been victims of injustice and aggression


The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Saturday, January 27, 2024