Statement of the Syrian Women Political Movement On Nowruz Day

The Syrian people today celebrate the Nowruz Day which coincides with the spring and the beginning of spring and the renewal of life. On this occasion, SWPM would like to congratulate those who celebrate this day, especially the Kurds in Syria. We wish them a renewed hope in freedom and salvation from the oppression of the regime and the de facto forces that officially prevented the celebrations in areas under their respective control.

As we condemn such repressive practices, we also affirm in this occasion our commitment in our political vision that aims at reaching a democratic pluralistic Syria built on the principles of equal citizenship without any discrimination.

SWPM recognizes the importance of the Kurdish issue in Syria and we believe that there will be no comprehensive solution in Syria without finding a formula that guarantees rights to all.

May martyrs rest in peace, detainees and disappeared persons be free and our great people emerge victorious

General Secretariat of the Syrian Women Political Movement