Statement of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement Regarding the Syrian Government’s Call to the United Nations to Increase Early Recovery Projects and the Return of Refugees


In light of the Syrian government’s call to the United Nations to increase early recovery projects in its controlled areas and support its efforts in the return of Syrian refugees, we, in the Syrian Women’s Political Movement, express our concerns about the possibility of the United Nations turning a blind eye to the crimes of the Syrian government and delivering international donor funds under the guise of “early recovery,” especially in the context of systematic corruption. The Syrian government utilizes resources from UN agencies to evade the impact of sanctions and support its war efforts.

We emphasize that the return of Syrian refugees is contingent on security and safety, in addition to the humanitarian situation. Reports indicate that refugees hesitate to return to Syria due to security concerns, and the decision to return is often made under severe pressure rather than entirely voluntarily. Amnesty International has documented cases of interrogation, arrest, and even torture of returning refugees by Syrian authorities, confirming the legitimacy of our concerns about the direct harm they may face as a result.

Therefore, we urge the United Nations and the international community to exercise extreme caution in dealing with the demands of the Syrian government and ensure that the funds provided are not used to strengthen the existing regime’s authority or cover up its crimes. The international community should also provide support to Syrians, both inside and outside Syria, with a focus on protecting the rights and personal safety of individuals, especially refugees.

It is essential to encourage sustainable political solutions in line with United Nations resolutions, particularly Resolution 2254, which guarantees a secure and just future for the Syrian people.


Long live Syria, its land, and its people.


The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Friday, December 15, 2023