The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement in Support of the Peaceful Activism in Syria: Toward Political Change and Equality


The civil activism of Syrian women and men is revitalizing across the provinces of Syria, particularly in Al- Swaida and Daraa governorates. While the protests stem from a significant deterioration in living conditions, the demands transcend economic and social aspects to primarily encompass the political realm. The Syrian people aspire to effect a fundamental change in the ruling regime and political institutions. In this context, economic and social challenges cannot be detached from the broader political context.

Within The Syrian Women’s Political Movement, we are concerned about the potential reaction of the Syrian regime, especially following the explicit message conveyed by Bashar al-Assad in his recent interview, reaffirming commitment to the approach pursued toward peaceful activism since the onset of the revolution in 2011. We are particularly alarmed by the retaliatory responses the regime has exercised against women since the start of the Syrian revolution, employing arrests and sexual violence to undermine their contribution and marginalize their role.

We, in The Syrian Women’s Political Movement, call on the international community to enhance diplomatic pressure on the parties involved in the Syrian conflict. We urge support for international initiatives aimed at achieving a cessation of violence and establishing mechanisms for democratic political transition in Syria. This support must also emphasize women’s rights and their active role in shaping Syria’s future. We believe that international efforts should concentrate on safeguarding the rights of women and girls in Syria, preventing any acts of sexual violence or discrimination against them. Human rights and gender equality must be central to any international endeavors to support political and feminist activism in Syria.

Finally, we reaffirm our commitment and full support for peaceful activism, its demands, and its goals for radical change towards a state of law, citizenship, equality, and the creation of a better future for the Syrian people. We work to support and advocate for actors in Syria as a step toward achieving positive change. We stress the importance of pooling and intensifying efforts for political change and achieving comprehensive and sustainable peace by implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254, which represents a significant framework for initiating an inclusive political process that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people.


Long live Syria, its land, and its people.


The General Secretariat of The Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Friday, August 25, 2023