The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on Solidarity with Women in Iran

Over the past ten days, several Iranian cities witnessed protests, which spread to major cities and universities on the background of the killing of the Iranian young woman, “Mahasa Ameeni.” While being held by the Iranian police.

Mahasa was allegedly not complying with the strict dress code related to wearing the hijab (bad hijab) hence, she was arrested.

The Iranian authorities continue to suppress freedoms, and the decision to impose the hijab on women is not less than a political decision for totalitarian control, an attempt to expand the influence of the ruling elites over society in order to preserve its interests, the Iranian regime resorted to practicing pressure by the imposition of hijab politically, in order to suppress freedom of expression, and ending the protests against the policies of the ruling regime, with the aim of restricting women.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement stands in solidarity with women in Iran and everywhere in the world.

The SWPM supports the decision of women to wear or not the hijab since it is a personal decision that the state or any other party has no right to dictate.

Imposing dress code, the hijab, or interfering in how women dress is simply depriving them of their freedom of choice Which is part of the human rights and basic rights of women. The Syrian Women’s Political Movement condemns All violence and discrimination policies against women, as well as all repressive and extremist practices anywhere in the world.


Freedom for Syrian women, and for all women everywhere


The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Thursday 22 September 2022