The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on the Developments in Syria

Once again, the Syrian streets regain the cry for freedom, renew our hopes in the revolution, which has never stopped from far south to far north.

In light of the mounting pressures, suppression and violations on the one hand, and the divergence in the international interests, The rebellion streets regain its laud voice in rejection all forms of oppression forced by both the de facto authorities and Assad regime. In addition to the international powers practises expanding their influence over Syria. Other reasons are the deteriorating economic and security conditions represented by the accelerating deterioration of the currency value, burning the crops policies and the escalated oppression aimed to cover up the political failure and corruption.  Add to all the above-mentioned reasons, the interests war between the conflicting powers over Syria that was lately reflected on the ruling family itself. The de facto authorities, which is the other face of the Assad coin, failed to achieve security and the continued suppression and extortion. In addition to the failure of the countries directly involved in the conflict on the ground from Russia to Iran, Turkey and America in achieving the lowest level of economic security.

These demonstrations also coincide with fears of the implementation of Caesar’s act, the closure of the Lebanese borders as a way out for the regime to circumvent sanctions and practice money laundering, and its resort to abandoning several Syrian facilities, through long-term agreements as a way out of the severe economic crisis.

The Syrians, in general, are affected, and women, in particular, endure twice the suffering, a fact is proven through the latest crimes in Afrin.

Nothing justifies the crimes committed by the Turkish-backed factions, starting with the uprooting of Afrin olive trees, to the most horrific crimes of kidnapping and killing women. The Turkish side turned a blind eye to these practices. Also, the absence and the manhunt policies targeting the popularly accepted forces, means more killing and violations.

Hence, The Syrian Women’s Political Movement: 

– Demands a serious, clear stance form the international community that brings the Syrian people suffering to an end, and to practice pressure on the actors in the Syrian question to accelerate the political process track aiming to reach a political solution in Syria in accordance with international resolutions (the Geneva communiqué. Resolution 2118, Resolution 2254).

 – Calls to cease all military operations on the entire Syrian territory and believes that there is no solution but a comprehensive political solution by forming a transitional governing body in accordance with the aforementioned resolutions.

– Calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees, as well as revealing the fate of the forcibly disappeared persons, are important cornerstones in any safe and neutral environment in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué (2012). SWPM also stresses the need to consider this matter a non-negotiable issue.

– believes that there is no comprehensive political solution and sustainable peace without the participation of women, as mandated by the UN resolution 1325.

Also, The Syrian Women’s Political Movement holds the de facto powers and their supporters responsible and demands that they assume their responsibilities to maintain the safety, security and livelihood measures of civilians, with the withdrawal of militants from the civilians’ populated areas. We call on them to respect international laws in dealing with detainees, men and women, and to conduct fair trials and hold criminals accountable.

May martyrs rest in peace, detainees and disappeared persons be free, and our great people emerge victoriously

 The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement 

Monday 8 June 2020