The Syrian Women’s Political Movement statement on the hate speech against women

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement is following with great concern the increasing violence against Syrian women, which has become in recent years systematic from all the controlling parties inside and outside Syria.

After ten years of hard work, and the heavy costs that the Syrian woman had to endure and undertake through her active participation in peaceful demonstrations or in relief work in various civil society organizations. After ten years of hard work to change the stereotype imposed on her during decades of tyranny. Syrian feminist activists, whether civilian or politicians, continue to suffer from bullying and hostility, because of their activities against the forces of tyranny and domination, on the entire Syrian soil. The inflammatory rhetoric that declared women’s work a curse and legitimizes violence against women, as well as the exposure of many to smear and shaming campaigns. All this aims to discourage them from working to achieve their revolution goals at this sensitive stage to build Syria a state of citizenship, rights and equality, which needs the efforts of all its daughters and sons.

At a time when Syrian women have proven their worth in all areas of social, economic and political life, they are pushed to remain vulnerable to oppression and marginalization by the brutality of the regime, and the intransigence of the de facto authorities.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement emphasizes the independence of its work based on the justice of women’s issues.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement rejects all forms of infringement on the rights of Syrian women and attempts to stereotype their societal roles in frameworks and templates which do not fit the requirements of the current stage in supporting and empowering women.

The SWPM also calls on civil and political institutions to support women and advocate for their just causes.

Long live Syria, land and people

The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Saturday 14 August 2021