The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on the Military Escalation in Syria In conjunction with the convening of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva

The Syrian women’s Political Movement, affirming its support for the political solution and the efforts of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva to bring the suffering of the Syrian people to an end, expressed in the movement statement supporting the Constitutional Committee in the shadow of the fact that the committee comes as a means to pave the route for a political solution, standing as critic, motivator and observer,

Recalling and referring to the Geneva communiqué and the relevant United Nations resolutions, and the importance of its articles, in particular, the political transition guaranteed under the auspices and supervision of the United Nations,

Condemning the military escalation by the Syrian regime backed by the Russian Air Force in the areas of south Idlib, in conjunction with the convening of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva. The Russian Air Force targeted residential areas and vital medical centers, leaving martyrs and wounded children and women.

Emphasizes its Acknowledgement of the close linkage between a ceasefire and the real political process,

1- Calls upon the international community and the Security Council to practice pressure on all parties to immediately cease any attacks against civilians and civilian objects as such, including attacks against medical facilities and personnel, and any indiscriminate use of weapons, including through shelling and aerial bombardment.

2- Condemns this military escalation, which brings scourge to Syrians all over Syria, and aims to undermine the political process and its destruction it and deny it of its content and objectives.

3- Expresses its gravest concern at the lives of dozens of its members and the lives of their families inside Syria following this escalation, and notes out that the high percentage of representation of women in the Constitutional Committee was in no way reflected on the measures adopted to protect Syrian women both inside Syria and the refugees abroad, and on the disclosing of the fate of female detainees and victims of enforced disappearance.

4- Calls and urges to accelerate the Constitutional Committee efforts, and demands to establish a safe and neutral environment for the referendum and the adoption of the constitution, and calling for elections as a priority to complete this step.

5-  Calls on the United Nations, the Security Council and all supervisors of the political process to establish monitoring, verification and reporting mechanisms and procedures to assure the implementation of the political process and the legal reformation procedures in preparation for political transition and to provide mechanisms to protect and ensure the security of all citizens And ensure their freedom to access and communicate with all Syrian components, the movement also stresses the importance of condemning and holding accountable those who violate these mechanisms.

May martyrs rest in peace, detainees and disappeared persons be free, and our great people emerge victorious.

General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

November 07,2019