The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on the Occasion of the Assyrian Babylonian New Year 6774 – 2024


On the occasion of the Assyrian New Year, The Syrian Women’s Political Movement extends its warmest congratulations and best wishes to all Assyrians, men and women, in Syria and in diaspora. This venerable occasion, which marks a new beginning filled with hope and renewal, reaffirms for us the richness of the Syrian national identity in its cultural diversity.

On this day, we reaffirm our steadfast support for the rights of the Assyrian people and their aspirations towards achieving justice, equality, and peace. We believe that the path towards a better future requires all of us to work together to ensure that every individual lives in a society where equal citizenship is enjoyed, regardless of cultural, religious, or national background.

We hope that the new year will bring hope and renewal, and mark the beginning of a new phase where freedoms flourish, peace and stability prevail everywhere, while achieving equal citizenship that guarantees the rights of all and respects cultural and religious diversity.

Every year, may we all move forward towards achieving these noble goals.


Long live Syria, its land and its people


The General Secretariat of The Syrian Women’s Political Movement

April 1, 2024