The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on the Policies of Forced Deportation of Syrians

In light of the continuous disturbing news on the situation of Syrians in Turkey, and the reports supported by written and illustrated testimonies on the forcible deportation of Syrians to insecure areas in northern Syria, and what they face meanwhile of forced separation from their families,  while their circumstances are not addressed, also, they weren’t given any deadline to arrange their departure, which resulted on arrests in Syria, as well as unlawful entry attempts into Turkey that resulted in the killing of at least two persons.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement expresses its gravest concern about this situation, and stresses the following:

-The lack of any policies or plans to return to safe areas and guarantees against arrests.

– Adopting a policy of forced and immediate deportation without allowing people to amend their situation.

– Istanbul and the other nine states bordering Syria suspended the registration of newly arrived migrant students/asylum seekers.

– Following the system of travel permits in Turkey for Syrian registered to prevent unregistered Syrians from travelling to the border provinces from where they to go to other areas of the country for registration.

–  The refusal to grant working Syrians work permits to legalize their work makes room to carry on with the policy of deporting the violators, even if they were registered, and also opens the way for t exploitation of these workers in workplaces under the pretext of giving them jobs illegally.

–  Syrians living on Turkish soil do not have refugee status, but rather are treated as guests, this always leads to an unstable situation with unknown results and it is not possible to predict how it will develop according to the updates of political and military conditions in Syria.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement condemns these procedures while stresses that:

Turkey ranks first in the numbers of Syrian refugees on its soil, which is estimated at three and a half million Syrians.

– The necessity to regularize the Syrian refugees status in Turkey within a clear plan and alternatives to modify the conditions of those who are on its territory, which means a commitment to respect the principle of non-deportation of refugees and not to endanger refugees by deporting them to conflict areas They fled. Because this opens the door to being subjected to persecution and torture again and endangering refugees and freedom.

Turkey is also obligated to respect international standards relating to the use of deadly force and the right to life and not to murder refugees while they attempt to the borders to Turkey, including the absolute prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment.

Also, The Syrian Women’s Political Movement affirm that the violence against Syrian refugee and not allowing them to cross the borders towards Turkey isn’t only Turkey’s responsibility to bear alone, but rather the result of the policies pursued by the European Union, and the closure of borders in front of those fleeing the war And paying large sums of money to keep them in the neighbouring countries of Syria, or to return them to Syria (which is the refugees daily live in Lebanon).

Add to that the retreated United Nations policies regarding refugees and their protection, and providing what is necessary to rehabilitate their lives and obtain the humanitarian necessary needs for life, as well as the failure of states to abide by their obligations to receive refugees through “resettlement” in coordination with the UNHCR .

We affirm the right of Syrians to search for a safe life away from bombing and arrests in the absence of a safe and neutral environment in Syria. This is stated in the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the International Refugee Charter, with the shared responsibility to protect the refugees and provide them with a safe and a voluntary environment for them.

 May martyrs rest in peace, detainees and disappeared persons be free, and our great people emerge victoriously.

The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Thursday 15 August 2019