The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on the Syrian Constitutional Committee

the Syrian Constitutional Committee was eventually formed under the effective and real sponsorship of the United Nations, and with the influence and intervention of the countries participating in the ongoing war in Syria despite all introductions, contradictions, timing questions.

Though the ambiguity of its announcement and the fact that the conditions lacks several elements which seriously contribute to the pillars of the supposed political solution, the Syrian feminist political movement finds that the constitution and all attributed affairs should be the end result of the political solution, not its first step, especially since the regime has never implemented even the constitution that it adopted according to its interests.

Steps to confidence-building and establishing a safe and neutral environment must be the indispensable precursors to a natural, realistic and humane track for any upcoming political solution. In case these steps weren’t met and met soon, the question about the credibility of the Constitutional Committee and the United Nations credibility and the feasibility of the committee formation and seriousness becomes a legitimate one.  The SWPM also affirm the reference of Geneva communiqué and the relevant United Nations resolutions, and the importance of its articles, in particular, the political transition guaranteed under the auspices and supervision of the United Nations, without which there would be no effect in ending the Syrian suffering.

SWPM supports the Constitutional Committee in the shadow of the fact that the committee comes as a means to pave the route for a political solution, The SWPM supports yet stands as critic, motivator and observer and corrector of its work. It also considers the lack of progress in the pillars and other tracks of the political solution as conclusive evidence of the desire to thwart the work of the Constitutional Committee or use it as a means to evade Real entitlements and the consequent call for boycott and withdrawal if necessary.

The Syrian feminist political movement stresses:

– work mechanisms of the Constitutional Committee must be placed under the supervision of the United Nations or a substitute team to evaluate its work 

-The importance of adopting mechanisms to protect and ensure the security of all Constitutional Committee members and their families and relatives as well as the political bodies and civil society organizations to which they belong and to ensure their freedom of movement to communicate with all Syrian components, and we stress the importance of condemning and holding those who violate these Mechanisms accountable

-The need to include legal reform in line with the new constitution

– SWPM continues to support feminist attitudes in the Constitutional Committee

– The seriousness of the steps that do not produce effective results, as they can be just a prelude to a more severe explosion.

The Syrian feminist political movement will play its role in supporting and monitoring the work of the Constitutional Committee, in addition to the priority of:

– The SWPM Supports work on premises outside the political framework and above negotiation, such as the release of the detainees, the disclosure of the fate of the disappeared persons, and the safe and voluntary gradual return, with guarantees for refugees who wish to return.

– The SWPM supports the work on other tracks and pillars of the political solution and considers them as evidence of the seriousness of all parties in reaching a comprehensive political solution that must achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people with real guarantees for its implementation.

The Syrian feminist political movement asks all participants to rise above all differences and preconceptions, in order to achieve a developed constitution that guarantees a modern Syrian state based on the foundations of democracy and equal citizenship that the Syrian people deserve after all these tragedies that it has and is still going through, only because it demanded what Any people in the world want it in freedom and dignity.

And before our national responsibility, the foremost of which is ending the suffering of our people and moving towards a political solution that achieves the Syrians aspirations

May martyrs rest in peace, detainees and disappeared persons be free, and our

great people emerge victoriously.

General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Saturday 26 October 2019