The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on Water Scarcity in Al-Hasakah

Civilians in Al-Hasakah governorate suffer water scarcity as a result of holding the supply of water to the Alouk station, which supplies about one million civilians with water.

The shutdown of water coincides with the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic meaning that we are on the edge of a great humanitarian disaster since water is the main component to deal with the pandemic. 

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement condemns in the strongest words the multilateral political blackmail that Hasakah governorate in the north-east of Syria is exposed to. Cutting water off about a million residents of Hasaka means using it as a war weapon to enforce collective punishment on the people.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement denounces this immoral and inhuman act, and calls for the re-pumping of water and the prevention of cutting off the lifeline of civilians, and stresses on the prohibition of using water as a weapon and a tool for blackmail and bargaining, and that current events are crimes that violate the charter of human rights, and that it is an environmental disaster threatening the region.

The SWPM calls on the international community to take its role and activate its responsibility to protect Syrian civilians and to practice pressure to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe that may claim the lives of thousands of Syrians victims of conflicts taking place on Syrian soil.

Long live Syria, land and people

The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Saturday 22nd August 2020