Statement of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement on the Closure of Crossings in Idlib and Aleppo: Increasing Risks and Devastating Effects on the Population


The humanitarian situation in Idlib and Aleppo, areas outside the control of the Syrian regime, is significantly deteriorating due to the sharp military escalation by the Syrian regime and its Russian ally, as well as the regime’s control over border crossings. These conditions complicate the process of delivering humanitarian aid through three main crossings: Bab al-Salama, al-Rai, and Bab al-Hawa, with the approval of the regime.

The United Nations considers the Bab al-Hawa crossing a lifeline for over four million Syrians, as its coordination for aid provision is vital. The region has witnessed a decrease in aid quantities by nearly half compared to the previous year, and the situation will worsen with the termination of the United Nations World Food Programme’s aid program in Syria starting from 2024. It is noteworthy that the shortage of resources and aid makes women more vulnerable to poverty and exploitation.

The closure of these crossings will increase risks due to the international community’s failure to extend the decision to allow aid passage across borders due to Russian and Chinese vetoes, which will heavily impact people who rely primarily on this assistance. There are growing concerns that the Syrian regime may use the crossings as a weapon of war, leading to even greater humanitarian disasters.

Therefore, the international community must intensify diplomatic efforts to pressure the Syrian regime to keep the border crossings open and secure the flow of humanitarian aid. In the event of the closure of border crossings, alternative ways must be explored to deliver aid. In addition to emergency response, there should be a focus on long-term solutions such as supporting infrastructure and enhancing local capacities to deal with crises. The Syrian Women’s Political Movement also calls for special attention to supporting women in these areas, ensuring their access to humanitarian aid and full protection from violence and exploitation.

To end all crises in Syria, there must be pressure for a comprehensive political solution in accordance with international resolutions, especially Resolution 2254, to end the conflict and pave the way for reconstruction, the return of displaced individuals, refugees, and displaced women.


The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Tuesday, December 5, 2023