Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement On the Military Escalation in Syria

In the past several days, we have witnessed a sharp military escalation across Syria. The Syrian regime, backed by its allies, particularly Russia, targeted multiple areas, notably Eastern Ghouta and Idlib, with airstrikes that killed dozens of civilians and injured many more. By engaging in this escalation, the regime aims to undermine the political process and seeks to force the Syrian opposition to accept solutions that do not meet the Syrian people’s aspirations.

The regime’s aircraft, backed by Russian warplanes, targeted residential and civilian areas in addition to medical facilities and Syrian Civil Defense centers. This assault, conducted with heavy ammunition, in addition to chemical weapons, particularly chlorine gas in Saraqeb (Idlib) and Eastern Ghouta, which led to multiple cases of suffocation and death.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 was a bloody day in Eastern Ghouta, with more than 80 victims including women and children.

We in the Syrian Women’s Political Movement demand that the international community break its silence with regard to the civilian massacres being committed throughout Syria. We demand that the international community assume its humanitarian, moral, and legal responsibilities to stop the bloodshed. We demand that the international community intervene by any means possible to pressure the regime and Russia to stop their military campaigns, whose only goal is to give the Syrian people an ultimatum: accepting the regime or death.

Victory to the Syrian people

General Secretariat, Syrian Women’s Political Movement

7 February 201