The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on Racial Incitement against Syrians in Turkey

Ten years ago, the neighbouring country, Turkey, was a safe shelter for thousands of Syrians displaced due to the bombing of civilians by the Syrian regime. During this period, Syrian refugees faced the challenges and consequences of war and the living conditions of asylum.

This new, safe environment was not free from some individual behaviour that indicated racial incitement towards Syrians.

The recent killing of a Turkish young man, following a quarrel between Syrian and Turkish youths in the Turkish capital, Ankara, was only one of the many incidents of the racist wave of actions against Syrians. This was preceded by incidents of racial-ground killing of Syrian youths by some racist Turks who contribute in one way or another to the promotion of this phenomenon. all this negatively affects the presence of Syrians in the country of asylum, and they find themselves faced with many challenges, due to the restriction of freedom of movement, being denied travel and work permits, and health insurance.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement rejects all forms of racial discrimination against Syrian women and men in the host country. We urge the authorities to apply the Turkish laws in resolving individual disputes, dis-fuel the propagating racist and xenophobic discourse.

Long live Syria land and people

The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Friday 13 August 2021