The Syrian Women’s Political Movement Statement on the Latest Developments in the North and Northeast of Syria

In an alarming yet not surprising move, the Turkish government decided to send forces to intervene northern of Syria for two goals as they identified it: the first, is to fight what it calls terrorism. The second is to create a safe zone along the northern border with 30 km in depth. The operation is carried out with the participation of many Turkish-backed factions, with air coverage and shelling of sites and cities, which has led to the displacement of more than 130,000 residents of the regions, especially Ain Al-Arab, Tal Abyad and the villages surrounding them.

The first step that Turkey had long waited for was the American go-ahead, the withdrawal of American forces from the borderline towards Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, with Trump’s statements of the in vanity to stay in Syria after the elimination of ISIS with the help of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and that there is no point to stay in ongoing wars that do not serve the American interests. This was a direct directive for the Turkish forces.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement takes what happened and is happening in Syria as one part that cannot be partitioned, and one region cannot be judged without taking into consideration the developments in the rest of the regions. Turkish intervention cannot be without the consent of the Russian guarantor, as well as from America, which withdrew its forces.

Also, what is happening in the north and north-eastern Syria, is inseparable from what is currently taking place in Idlib, and that suggests giving the go-ahead to Russia and the Syrian regime to enter the region as if there is an agreement to exchange regions similar to what was previously done between the three allies (Turkey – Russia – Iran) to share influence over the Syrian regions.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement, in light of the continuing evolution of the situation on the Arab scene (the invitation by some countries to bring back the Syrian regime to the Arab League), as well as calling the Syrian democratic forces through Russia to an agreement to hand over the areas to the Syrian regime who began sending its army to areas under the SDF control, all of this will lead the regime to restore its legitimacy through a fait accompli policy, and attempt to take back the conditions to its status before 2011, in terms of the Syrian regime’s control of the entire Syrian territory and the securing of the borders with Turkey.

The Syrian Women’s Political Movement emphasizes its constants in terms of:

Basically, those who pay the price are Syrian civilians from all sides, whether in northern and eastern Syria, or in Idlib, and work must be done directly and without delay to practice pressure on the United Nations and the influential countries to ensure people’s protection and spare them more calamities.

– Rejects the policy of demographic change that has been pursued and is being pursued by all parties and states involved in the Syrian war, because this policy means a continuous war, and the inability to reach stability now or in the future, it is a time bomb that must explode again and again.

Rejection of all forms of foreign interference in Syria, whether it supports the regime or the other armed factions and in any pretext and for any purpose, these interventions are nothing but occupations that will have a far-reaching impact on any attempt for rehabilitation or consideration of the interest of the Syrian people away from the interests of other countries.

– Rejects the policy of extortion of  Syrian refugees in the countries to which they sought refuge, it is assumed that asylum is a pursuit of the lost dignity in the homeland, and the dignity of Syrians can not be insulted while they are in their weakest state or dealing with them as a constant threat Either to other countries or within the countries that they have resorted to as a political card in inter-party battles.

– Rejects the policy of forced displacement for people, and works to achieve the stability that guarantees basic care, especially for women and children who are not part of militarization.

– Refuses to grant back legitimacy to the regime under any name and for any pretext, and refuses to impose this legitimacy as a fait accompli necessary to achieve stability. And affirms that imposing the restoration of legitimacy is nothing but a betrayal of the blood of the Syrians and their revolution and their demands of freedom, justice and dignity.

 The Syrian Women’s Political Movement calls on the international community and all concerned parties, especially the Syrian parties that consider themselves representative of the Syrian people to stand in the face of the military interventions and reject them and work to return the path of negotiations to achieve stability and end the war that was so long by working to achieve a political transition, Democratization and implementation of Security Council Resolution 2254.

May martyrs rest in peace, detainees and disappeared persons be free, and our great people emerge victoriously.

The General Secretariat of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement

Monday 14 October 2019